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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> president obama prepared to board the helicopter this morning with a san francisco chill leaving for the first of two fundraisers on the peninsula with no traffic jam in the rain for him. it is good to be the commander in chief. morning, i am eric thomas here for kristen does. >> president obama is reaching out for high rollers to help the democratic party win back the house of representatives and keep the senate majority.
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he left by limo from the hotel and headed for the quick flight to atherton. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard joins us live now. >> it is the only way to travel. president obama beat the morning rush today by helicoptering in to atherton and taking a motorcade to the first of two fundraisers here in this city. in fact, president obama's motorcade sped through atherton on the alameda 35 minutes ago, a convoy of at least 20 cars and police vehicles. many residents came out of the their homes to see the rare and exciting sight of the protesters were also here. they opposed the proposed keystone pipeline from canada to the gulf of mexico. >> we very much want to send a signal to the president that this is a crucial issue with his legacy because to approve this
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means we are committing more to fossil fuels which are dirty. >> a nice chance for our kids to have a chance to be close. we are not in washington so we don't get many opportunities. it is fun, he is coming by our house. >> president obama is now a few blocks from here at the home that are democratic power players hosting a brunch at $35 ,000 a plate and then a lunch reception, a $5,000 plate luncheon but $10,000 if you want your picture taken with the president. the president's scheduled to leave the bay area here about 1:00 o'clock. we are live in atherton for abc7 news. >> the president has been facing backlash over the latest fundraisers. critics acouple him of crying to cozy up to the rich and seeking to raise their taxes. the supporters say it is time the country get as clear vision
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of what the president is trying to do. >> it is about time the country comes together over creating jobs and the people who do the jobs and not be fighting over dividing the country which is the message that is coming out of obama and what he is trying to do, i believe, is show respect for those who are building new companies and building a new economy and will help us be strong in the future. >> the president is scheduled to leave the bay area just before 2:00 this afternoon. >> now to the wet weather that we have been seeing, we have seen plenty of rain all morning. our meteorologist, mike nicco, joins us. >> notice the picture in atherton? it was sunny but drops were hitting the camera. we value that the rest of the afternoon. live doppler 7 hd shows it is tracking a drying trend as the steady rain if this morning has moved off. scattered showers in the forecast through the afternoon and very light and scattered and
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it is due to the moist flow coming up from the south. here is what will happen the rest of this afternoon, we will have just a few showers, temperatures cooler than yesterday in the mid-60's, a drying trend through the evening and temperatures around 60 and mostly cloudy overnight. we have a look at the traffic with leyla gulen. >> on in traffic and the look over the toll at the bay bridge, am lot of tough traffic. we have had spinouts and hydroplaning. a mess. a new accident in vallejo affecting 780 eastbound beyond columbus parkway. where it is shaded in green is where we are seeing rain affecting your drive, still, so although there are parts where it looks to be drying up we have other areas we are finding rain. in atherton, because of president obama's visit, street closures are expected. this is between woodside road and handhill road and at 280 you
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will see detours in place. eric? >> as leyla gulen and mike said there are widely scattered showers and driving can be stretch rouse. this only, though, the rain came down in a steady stream. you are looking at the scene from 4th and howard in san francisco a few hours ago. abc7 news reporter is live with more on how drivers are coping with this at the golden gate bridge. kira klapper? >> you can see there is a steady flow of traffic on the golden gate bridge with a lot of tourists coming out to take photos. the weather is clear. the rain has stopped. the wind is more of a problem. this morning it was different. heavy rain and so heavy the california highway control requested additional personnel to respond to all the accidents on highway 101. hours of steady rain pouring over marin county made for a messy commute.
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the marin area california highway patrol covers a 25 mile stretch of road with a busy rush responding to accident upon accident. >> in a two-hour period of time we have had eight crashes in marin county. so far, minor injuries but nothing major but the weather is contributing to the incidents. >> this morning, the rain was heavy and did not stop coming down. standing water created dangerous conditions for drivers on 101 at lucky drive in san rafael. as rush hour began and the traffic picked up, so, too, did driver speeds. >> it is what we remind people when it is raining what you need to remember: slow down, increase following distance, watch the vehicles in front of you. >> allow yourself more time. a student wishes she were not rushing to class in the rain. >> i am nervous about the drive. >> the intermittent down tours
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were not a problem for everyone. >> fine. i just drive locally. >> real estate agent said for his business the timing for a little storm could not have been better. >> we don't have any open houses so it doesn't affect me directly but there are so few homes on the market as soon as they come on people come out no matter what the weather is like. >> as mike make -- made the statement, the rain is behind us. while the windshield wipers are on you have to have the whileers on. that is state law. >> working to fix a power pole that a car knocked down affecting 25 customers. the rain caused scattered power
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outages around the bay including in oakland and pleasanton, and san francisco, 35 customers lost power. an armed robbery suspect is recovering after he was shot by an oakland police officer. the robbery happened on clay street near 10th last night. the shooting was a block away from jefferson and 10th. an officer shotwhile traying tor the robbery. >> a new allegation has emerged as the preschool where a principal says the school has informed parents a substitute teacher pinched and squeezed a child's arm and the teacher no longer worked there. this happened in official before a separate incident involving a different teacher who taped a student's hands and feet because she wouldn't sleep at nighttime. >> and the oil tanker that hit the bay bridge in january, a panel has recommended that the pilot of the ship have his license suspended or revoked. a committee of the state board of pilot commissioners released the findings.
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it says pilot misconduct contributed to the january 7 collision of the tanker hitting a tower on a foggy monday morning. no oil leaked in the water. the full board is reviewing the report. it is expected to have a vote on disciplinary action later on today. >> still ahead, connecticut just approved the toughest gun laws at look at exactly what that state's governor has signed. >> just in, a big announcement from facebook moments ago, what from facebook moments ago, what the bay did you know that if you wear a partial, you are almost twice as likely to lose the supporting teeth? even subtle movement of your partial can put stress on supporting teeth. this could lead to further tooth loss. try new poligrip® seal and protect denture adhesive. it stabilizes your partial to help reduce movement against gums and supporting teeth. care for your partial. help protect your natural teeth with new poligrip® for partials. also try polident® clean and protect denture cleanser to kill 99.9% of odor causing bacteria. this has been medifacts for polygrip® for partials.
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>> the pentagon put forces on high alert after threat of nuclear attack from north korea. the military is warning that orders have been given to attack the united states with nuclear weapons or at least they have the authorization. now, the united states is matching those threats with strategic deployments to the region. an attack on the u.s. is highly unlikely but top officials fear a move by the leader kim jong-un could inflict serious damage on south korea as hackers break-in to the twitter account of not korea and post picks of the leader with a pig like snout. >> connecticut's governor signed into law the country's tightest gun restrictions. the governor signed the bill this morning in response to december shooting massacre at sandy hook elementary school in newtown which killed 20 children and six adults much the measure adds more than 100 firearms to the assault weapon ban.
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it outlous the sale of large capacity ammunition magazines. some aspects of the bill take effect immediately including background checks for all firearm sales. >> happening now, facebook just unveiled a new highly anticipated droid product and the c.e.o. made the announcement himself this morning from the headquarters stressing that facebook is not building their own phone as many were predicted but, rather, a family of apps that you can use on your droid to better use facebook. our reporter is tweeting real time developments from the facebook announcement. can you follow him for the full report on abc7 news at 6:00 and we are updating the story at abc7 >> and our meteorologist, mike nicco? >> you can follow on the phone with our apps. and a scattered shower is moving on to emeryville from the west,
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and the heavy rainfall total more than three quarters in santa rosa and that in santa rosa and half an inch in san francisco and .4" in oakland. we have more rain on the way and a couple of charges for -- chances. >> big first for cal as the women's bas
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>> santa clara, san francisc east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> lots of rain this morning trying to clear up. >> trying. we will find out from mike where the scattered showers may be. >> there are scattered showers out there and delight arrival delays at sfo of two hours so make sure you checking in or check here is a look at what is last of some of the scattered shower showing up on live doppler 7 hd. they are mostly across the north bay as we zoom out, you can see everything is a little bit quieter, but, still, you can bump into a stray shower or two with less than .1" of rain from the showers as they move there until about 7:00 or 8:00 during the evening hours. we will take a look at what is going on from south beach looking back toward oakland and emeryville with temperatures right now or rainfall, it is a third an inch in san bruno and union state is quarter an inch and san jose is about .15" so probably close do what we
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forecasted yesterday. what will happen for the rest of day, scattered light showers and a bit of sunshine but a gray day got better part of the afternoon. we still have a chance of showers this week, and very small chance, but i want you to know they are out there and we have real warmth next week. here is what will happen today, temperatures are five- to ten-degrees cooler than yesterday with low do mid-50's and the coast is up to 60. breezy at the coast, also. if you are wed about the day game, a shower is possible. it will come through, drop a little bit of rain and move on and may not have to slow the game down for one of the stray showers even if it comes over the stadium which is remote. it will get better with the chance of dry weather for the end of the game warming up to 62. tonight, upper 40's to low 50's and the extensive cloud cover tonight with damp ground, damp air, drizzle is possible in the higher elevation and possibly
11:49 am
along the coast and, also, some fog will develop for the morning commute. here is the way the storm plays out, the scatter showers are around through the afternoon, into the evening hours, you can see a drying trend to 5:00 and midnight. with all dampness we will wake up to cloud cover tomorrow morning and we will stay cloudy for the better part of the afternoon and we will see some sun but we have another storm moving to the north. this storm could spread a few sprinkles through the neighborhoods tomorrow. that is as good as it gets. another system is coming saturday. that could bring us a stray shower with the best chance in the north bay. the best chance for the shower this weekend will also be across the north bay, you can see a progressive system here, a very active jet stream that will keep the showers to the north where the active pattern is. they could dip down and bring us a stray shower which is why i kept them in the forecast. the temperatures like today in the low-to-mid 60's.
11:50 am
or upper 50's or 60 at the coast. maybe warming a degree or two over the weekend. look at the temperatures tuesday and wednesday: 70's and 80's away from the coast. we we will be on abc7 news as another great news to follow live doppler 7 hd with the latest bay area weather conditions. you can get video forecasts and power outages and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. >> the cal lady bears basketball are getting an impressive send off with their first ever appearance in the final four. katie marzullo is live at berkeley with the rally. >> we are outside of the pavilion. nothing could dampen the spirits of the team and the fans. it was deafening and so exciting. look at the video, we shot hundreds of people packed in
11:51 am
that and filled. the band play, the cheerleaders purpose there, the crowd was cheering. after a few words from the athletic director and the coach the team strutted in. a huge ovation. the fans and staff are so happy for the team. they want the team to feel that happiness. >> we are excited to be here to support the cal women's basketball team. >> i have a lot of friends on the team and we have not been to the final four in i for get how long -- ever. >> very excited for the ladies. it was fun to be here with my friends. >> the bears beat georgia on monday. it was a nailbiter, overtime, 65-612 so they are the first cal women's bear teams to go. they play on sunday, and when they win, they will play again on tuesday!
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>> thank you, katie. a sign of the times, more women are living with their boyfriends before tying the knot. a survey from the centers for disease control finds 48 percent of women were not married when they first moved in with a man. the results are a marked change from 1995 when only 34 percent say they moved in together ahead of a wedding. experts say people are living together as they "test" marriage. 40 percent of the women would live with a guy did go on to marry him within three years. >> as you can see i am in the snazzy living room ready for my closeup. can you believe i finally got a cameo on "general hospital" and it only took 50 years! today we ce ron: years ago i made a promise to provide the best for my family,
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>> in health news expect the number of americans suffering from dementia to skyrocket the next 30 years according to a study from the rand corporation saying right now nearly 15 percent of people age 71 or older have the illness. that is 3.8 million people. by 2040 the number will jump to 9.1 million. the reason? the wave of baby boomers who are retiring. >> on "katie" you just saw "general hospital" 50th
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anniversary. on use at 4 new program dealing with defendants who are all veterans at court and it is making a difference. at 5:00, the newest chapter in the storybook-like little door in golden gate bridge, san francisco park and rec explain why it needs to come off -- again. >> a late night shakeup has everyone talking even judgment my kimmel. >> i will talk over as new host of the tonight show on nbc. i spoke to jay on the phone and he -- excuse me one second -- okay, it is a different jimmy that is going to be hosting the "tonight show." >> he sounds so disappointed. he was talking about the announcement that jimmy fallon will take over for jay leno. >> he airs weeknights at 11:35
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at the new time following use 7 at 11 and right after that, "nightline." that does it for us. before we go, you asked for it and the exclusive app is available for the droid phone or tablet and the kindle fire. the free alarm clock app is available if you have an iphone, as well. thanks for joining us. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on for two whole years. from at&t. call to get u-verse tv
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